Trevor Dorner

Music Services

In addition to being a performer, I also offer my services as a pianist! Check out some of my services offered below and use my contact page to get in touch with me.

Clean Cuts

Have a favorite 16-bar cut but it's got so many marks and arrows that it's impossible to read and makes your accompanist go cross-eyed? Let me clean that cut up for you! I will re-type out your cut so that it fits neatly on one or two pages and is perfectly easy to read!

16-bar: $15

32-bar: $25


Need to learn a song last minute for a callback but you've got a shift until midnight and can't hire a pianist? Have no fear! I can make a high-quality recording of the piano accompaniment and melody so you can learn it on your own time.

*Pricing varies depending on length of song, anywhere from a melody "plunk out" to a full song. Contact me for details.


Need to film and audition or just want to run through everything in your book to keep from getting rusty? Nothing beats having a live pianist on hand! I can meet you anywhere in Manhattan just tell me when and where!


*If you need a live pianist for a cabaret or full performance, please contact me to discuss pricing and rehearsal schedule

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